Tabletop juicers – Minimatic


Equipped with a 0.75 Hp motor and gears of steel, the Minimatic model is certainly within the range of small equipment, the strongest and most robust machine on the market. The machine is totally maintenance free. Easy to dismantle, which takes only one minute, cleaning is really easy and will take less than 3 minutes.

The smallest with automatic feeder
Motorforce group:    Motor reducer 0,75 CV
Voltage (monophasic):    230V – 50/60 Hz • 110/125V – 60 Hz
Consumption:    4,1 / 3,7 A (230V) / 9 / 8,6 A (110)
Electrical protection:    Overloading and temperature
Security:    Automatic inductive proximity sensor
Output:    15 Units / minute
Fruit diameter:    60-80 mm.
Capacity of feeder:    6 Units